U-Men Stunt ProductionsThe sequence of your action films from A to Z

U-Men Stunt Productions

U-Men Stunt Productions accompanies you every step of production of action sequences in movies:

  • Choreography of the fighting and stunts
  • Training of actors and stuntmen
  • 2nd team achievement for the filming of these sequences
  • Editing
  • Creation of digital special effects (VFX)
  • Compositing
  • Delivery of completed sequences for integration into film editing.

Located close to Gare de Lyon (Paris, France), U-Men Productions has a stunt rehearsal and training rooms for production and post production (editing, calibration) and a 2D animation studio / 3D (mattepainting, modeling, texturing, vfx, lighting, compositing).

Website : www.umenstunt-prod.com
Adress : 16 rue Abel, 75012 Paris, France

U-MEN Stunt is sponsorised by G-FORM